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Why a Canada Dedicated Server is the Best Option for Your Business by Onlive Server

When you have your own business and have to focus on many aspects of it, you may feel that you have no time for any other activity. At Onlive Server, we can provide you with a reliable Canada Dedicated Server so that you can focus on the success of your business and we will take care of your IT issues at the same time. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Canada Dedicated Server solutions and enjoy an unprecedented level of reliability and performance with your new server solution! We’re ready to help!

The Benefits of Canada Dedicated Server

What’s more, we understand that every business is different and has unique requirements, which is why we also offer custom-managed dedicated server solutions. For some clients, an unmanaged solution will work best because they know exactly what they want to do with their server. But other businesses may prefer to have their dedicated servers fully managed, allowing them to focus on running their business instead of worrying about maintaining servers. This is why you can choose between our customized and standard solutions. If you would like us to take care of everything from setup and installation to security updates and backing up your data, simply let us know when you place your order and select custom management.

The Advantages of a Canada Dedicated Server

We offer some of the most competitive pricing on dedicated servers. As our experienced team uses and maintains our equipment, there are no hidden costs or fees to worry about. And because we use top-of-the-line hardware in our data centers, you will never suffer downtime or experience an outage. By choosing to rent with us, you’ll get everything you need out of your server at an unbeatable price. No extras are needed. Our staff works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that each of our customers receives a dedicated service package they can rely on, even if they know little about web hosting themselves. That’s why we offer exceptional customer service alongside every plan we sell – customer satisfaction means everything to us! We also believe in providing a fast and reliable connection to all of our clients. This allows you to reach your audience quickly, regardless of where they live. If you have questions about how much bandwidth you need or which type of server would be best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

The Desirable Features in Canada Dedicated Server

A Dedicated server, also known as dedicated, is a server that has dedicated hardware, which you are allowed to use freely. This means that you will have full control over what happens on your web hosting plan and will be able to choose how many resources you want to allocate towards certain applications. Also, in most cases, these servers will come with an endless number of IP addresses so that it won’t matter how many clients you want to connect to. There are several reasons why dedicated servers are regarded as being superior to other hosting plans: First of their cost-effectiveness; although dedicated servers tend to be more expensive than shared hosting solutions they prove cheaper in terms of price per CPU core and bandwidth usage.

Free Web Hosting VS Paid Web Hosting

If you’re looking to start your first website, free web hosting might seem like an attractive option. After all, what’s better than having your web presence without paying a dime? Well, as nice as it sounds in theory, free web hosting services simply aren’t realistic if you have any hopes of scaling and maximizing your online business. Paying for a dedicated server means that you’ll get loads of features and unrestricted bandwidth with high uptime. So why would anyone want to go with something else? Truth be told, there are many reasons why purchasing your dedicated server is well worth it:

#1. High Uptime & Reliability –

When you pay for a dedicated server, you can rest assured knowing that your site will always be up and running when users visit it. With free web hosting, downtime is common due to shared resources and security risks associated with public servers. The fact of the matter is that when you pay for a service, reliability becomes one less thing about which you need to worry.

#2. Better Security–

Hackers love targeting websites hosted on public servers because they know their victims won’t have anything invested in protecting their sites or data. As soon as you invest in your dedicated server, however, you’ll immediately enjoy more robust security measures. You’ll also be able to use SSL certificates and other important tools that ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

#3. More Control Over How Your Site Looks –

 Free web hosting often comes with restrictions regarding how much control you have over how your site looks. You may not even have access to things like domain names or email accounts! With a paid solution, however, these issues become non-existent since you can customize everything from top to bottom. Having complete control over every aspect of your site makes it easier for visitors to trust you and convert into customers (or leads).

#4. Faster Page Load Times –

Page load times play a huge role in whether or not people decide to stay on your site and make purchases. Studies show that anywhere between 7% and 25% of people abandon pages after just three seconds! That’s why having fast page load times is so important—and free web hosting doesn’t offer those speeds by default. With a dedicated server, however, you can expect page load times to drop significantly since you don’t have to share resources with hundreds of other sites. Whether you run an eCommerce store or manage multiple blogs at once, speed matters—and owning your server ensures nothing gets in the way of fast performance.

What can you expect from Canada Dedicated Server?

A lot. Virtual servers are wonderful because they enable you to choose a physical location of your choice, which can affect how quickly your website loads, how many people are in the range of your business, and more. That said, there’s always been one major drawback to using virtual servers: you don’t have your dedicated server. Instead, you share space with other companies on what is often called shared servers. This means that while they give customers some of the benefits of having their dedicated server—namely control over location and usage rates—they also come with drawbacks such as slower data transfer speeds, trouble getting enough bandwidth, or security breaches by other clients on that same server. With Onlive Server’s Canada Dedicated Servers, you get all of the advantages without any of these downsides. You get your own private space on a super-fast network so that everything runs smoothly, but it comes at affordable prices that won’t break your budget. If you want to start taking advantage of all these perks right away, then contact us today! We offer free quotes and 24/7 support!

Things to consider when buying a Canadian host server?

Canada Dedicated server gives you complete control of your data, especially when compared to cloud hosting. What’s more, because your server is hosted by an independent third party, they’re not required to provide information to any government agency unless given direct access by court order. Simply put: You don’t have to worry about your data being at risk of being shared without permission or confiscated without cause from a Canadian provider. As far as security goes, it’s best to host with a company that doesn’t store any sensitive customer data on their servers—and luckily that’s exactly what we do. When we build servers for our clients, all of their files are stored on-site in our secure storage facility where only employees can enter and only after passing through several layers of security. This ensures that even if someone were able to break into our system, they wouldn’t be able to access your files or account details (unless they had physical access). This might sound paranoid—but remember: it’s better safe than sorry! All web hosts will tell you how safe their service is but there’s no way to know if these claims are true until something bad happens.


It’s also important to choose a company that will stand behind its servers. Choosing servers based on price alone may not get you what you want in terms of power, performance, and security—especially if your business relies on your server is up and running at all times. However, choosing dedicated servers that are backed by good tech support should make it easier to rely on them when things go awry. Only work with companies who offer top-notch service and have great reputations to ensure that you receive reliable hardware and prompt support when you need it most. That way, you can rest assured that your business won’t suffer because of any issues or complications related to your servers.

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