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 At France Cloud Server Host you will get cloud hosting services as well. We have the most highly knowledgeable professionals. Who will make sure that cloud computing is not a hassle for you.

Our panels of experts study the latest technology and use the right set of server practices during the hosting services time. If you are looking for the best services company cloud server hosting in India, then this is the time to shake hands with us.

This technology uses cloud computing technology available.

France Cloud Server Price Plan

India Cloud Server

  • CLOUD 1 GB

    • CORE 1

    • RAM 1GB

    • HDD 50GB

    • IPv4 Data Transfer 50GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $24.60/mo
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  • CLOUD 2 GB

    • CORE 2

    • RAM 2GB

    • Storage 100GB

    • Data Transfer 100GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $46.05/mo
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  • CLOUD 3 GB

    • CORE 3

    • RAM 3GB

    • Storage 150GB

    • Data Transfer 200GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $69.18/mo
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  • CLOUD 4 GB

    • CORE 4

    • RAM 4GB

    • Storage 200GB

    • Data Transfer 400GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $93.00/mo
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  • CLOUD 8 GB

    • CORE 5

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 250GB

    • Data Transfer 800GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $123.91/mo
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  • CLOUD 12 GB

    • CORE 6

    • RAM 12GB

    • Storage 300GB

    • Data Transfer 1600GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $154.66/mo
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  • CLOUD 16 GB

    • CORE 7

    • RAM 16 GB

    • Storage 350GB

    • Data Transfer 3200GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $231.53/mo
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  • CLOUD 24GB

    • CORE 8

    • RAM 24 GB

    • Storage 400GB

    • Data Transfer 6400GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $262.28/mo
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  • CLOUD 32GB

    • CORE 9

    • RAM 32GB

    • Storage 450 GB

    • Data Transfer 12,600GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $308.40/mo
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The best features all at an affordable price.


You will get faster access to data, you can enjoy the cloud hosting services offered by France server host available. 


The latest firewalls is provided by us for encrypt your data. Our cloud servers can become both public and private cloud hosting according to your requirements available without any issues at all.


We at France Server Host will help you to store and load fast. The European services will not let down you ever without any thoughts.


At France Server Host will easily help you to troubleshoot your problems easily and that to round the clock without any problems at all.


Taking services from France Server Host helps client’s to do instant activation of account and setup will be automated after you purchased license from them. 


At France Server Host give the options for the clients to monitor and manage cpu, ram, hard disk drive, etc. This can be done by our dashboard easily without any issues.


At France Server Host offers range of plans to get what they need. Clients can pay and get their desired services according to your budget and requirements. 


At France Server, believe that you will get round the clock services and troubleshooting will be done by our team available without any issues at all.

Cloud Servers with All the Amenities


We at France Server Host we provide cloud hosting services. The cost at which we will provide you this fast service. The best thing is that you will also get data in our cloud server without any issues at all.


We are powerful in all ways as our company cloud hosting will reduce the loading  and access of data will be fast all the way. 


We at France Server Host also ensure that with faster access you can equally enjoy full security. We provide monitoring, security and run your website always with full support and team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at france server host you will get cloud server is a technology based on cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered using cloud computing technology available without any issues.

We at France Server Host you will also get advanced security features and increased storage space for all your resources according to the plan chosen by our requirements.

We at cloud hosting servers are secured and have security features than dedicated hosting servers which makes it more secure in all round the clock. 

While our team and support the best plan for your demands and requirements will be suggested by us which will be world class like Europe. 

This service is not available currently but maybe in future as well available.

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